Real-time PCR Data Markup Language

Reference Implementation

We offer a reference implementation to ease the use of RDML. The RDML-Tools mainly provide a web page access to the functions of the RDML-Python library, designed to handle RDML files and their dependencies. The RDML-Tools can view, create and edit RDML files and analyze their data.


The RDML-Tools enable scientists to view, create and edit RDML files online through the web browser without the need to install software. RDML-Edit can migrate between different RDML versions (on the more tab), once the edit mode (on the main tab) is activated. RDML-Tools are GPL licensed and the source code is available on GitHub.

RDML-Python Library

The RDML-Python library is designed to ease the use of RDML in Python projects. Users may choose to install the library as a python package calling "python -m pip install rdmlpython" or can download the source code from GitHub.

Example Use of the RDML-Python Library

As an basic example create the file with this content:

    #! /usr/bin/env python

    import rdmlpython as rdml

    # Print the version
    vers = rdml.get_rdml_lib_version()
    print("Version " + vers)

    # Validate a file
    cli_validate = rdml.Rdml()
    cli_resValidate = cli_validate.validate(filename="test_2_raw_data.rdml")

    # Run LinRegPCR
    cli_linRegPCR = rdml.Rdml("test_2_raw_data.rdml")
    cli_expList = cli_linRegPCR.experiments()
    cli_exp = cli_expList[0]
    cli_runList = cli_exp.runs()
    cli_run = cli_runList[0]
    cli_result = cli_run.linRegPCR(updateRDML=True, saveResultsCSV=True, timeRun=True, verbose=True)"result.rdml")
    with open("result.csv", "w") as cli_f:

Run the script with the downloaded file: