Real-time PCR Data Markup Language

The RDML Consortium

The international RDML consortium was founded to develop and maintain the RDML data exchange format. The core team is currently formed by Andreas Untergasser, Steve Lefever, Jan Hellemans, Jan M Ruijter and Jo Vandesompele. All interested parties are welcome to join here.

The RDML consortium is organized in a key developer group, a member community and supporters. The task of the key developer group is to discuss the comments and requests with the members and unite them into new RDML Recommendations.

Therefore, a new RDML Recommendation progresses through four maturity levels :

  1. Working Draft (WD)
  2. Candidate Recommendation (CR)
  3. Proposed Recommendation (PR)
  4. RDML Recommendation (REC)

Visit our projects on GitHub.