2015 June 20 (pdf) "RDML-Ninja and RDMLdb for standardized exchange of qPCR data" in BMC Bioinformatics
March 25 (pdf) "RDML Data Format - Ready For The Next Level?" by Andreas Untergasser at the 7th international qPCR & NGS Event, Freising, Germany
2014 October 2   RDML version 1.2 is released. Find out what's new
October 1   The 2009 RDML paper (Lefever et al.) hit the 85 citation mark today according to Google Scholar
September 30   RDML package for R added to the Tools section (RDML compliant software)
August 26   RDMLdb database for qPCR data files in RDML format added to the Tools section (RDML compliant software)
2013 March 18   "Four years of RDML qPCR data format - Achievements and Opportunities" by Andreas Untergasser
2012 April 24 (pdf) "Biogazelle and LinRegPCR established a data analysis pipeline from LinRegPCR to qbase+ based on the RDML format
2011 November 29   Roche announced that the instrument software of the LightCycler96 is now RDML v1.1 compliant
  March 18 (pdf) Primer Sequence Disclosure: A Clarification of the MIQE Guidelines (Clinical Chemistry)
2010 September 21 (pdf) BioMed Central series journals require adherence to minimal guidelines.
  September 1   Nucleic Acids Research recommends the MIQE guidelines to its authors.
  April 1   Documenting real-time PCR (Drug Discovery & Development - April 01, 2010).
  March 22   Step up to the MIQE.
  January 22   Publishing Data that conform to the MIQE guidelines.
2009 August 1   PCR Technology Review : Standardization of qPCR and RT-qPCR (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Vol. 29, No. 14)
  May 29   Genome web article "qPCR grows up" reporting on MIQE and RDML.
  March 27 (pdf) 'The MIQE Guidelines: Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments' is published by Bustin et al. in Clinical Chemistry
  March 11 (pdf) Steve Lefever presents RDML at the 4th International qPCR Symposium (Freising, Germany)
  February 17   'RDML: structured language and reporting guidelines for real-time quantitative PCR data' is published by Lefever, Hellemans et al. in Nucleic Acids Reseach
  January 31   Release of RDML Recommendation v1.0
2008 December 3 (pdf) Stephen Bustin's paper in European Pharmaceutical Review has a great figure depicting RDML as an essential component of a reliable qPCR assay [high quality figure]
  October 6   Filip Pattyn presents RDML at the 1st Benelux qPCR Symposium, Ghent, Belgium
  August 7 (pdf) The MIBBI project paper is published in Nature Biotechnology. MIqPCR is one of the 21 official Minimal Information checklists
  May 14   Professor Stephen Bustin (London, UK) puts RDML and MIBBI as part of the solution for the current lack of qPCR Assay Quality assessment
  April 20-23 (pdf) Jo Vandesompele presents RDML at the CHI’s 4th Annual Quantitative PCR: Getting the Basics Right, San Diego, USA
  April 1 (pdf) A new standard for qPCR data : RDML (European Biotechnology News, Issue 03-04/2008)
  April 1 (pdf) PCR-Standardisierung : RDML - neuer Standard für qPCR-Daten (Laborwelt, Nr.2/2008, 9. Jahrgang)
  April 1   RDML joins MIBBI
  January 1   Birth of the RDML consortium and new website
2007 March 26-30 (pdf) Jan Hellemans moderates the RDML discussion at the 3rd International qPCR Symposium, Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany
2005 October 1   RDML website and discussion forum online
  September 5-7 (pdf) Jan Hellemans presents RDML at the 2nd International qPCR Symposium, Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany
  July 1   Jan Hellemans and Jo Vandesompele start the RDML initiative